Who is writing here?

Rajashree Nori, a freelance science writer based in Bangalore, India.

I am passionate about science education and research, sustainable living, classical dance, music and food. I completed my Ph.D. in Microelectronics from Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, Mumbai, India in December 2014. You can read more about my educational qualifications and research experience here.

Although I am the only writer on this blog now, I would love to host some guest posts in the future.

Why start this blog?

I’ve always been a science junkie. No, that does not mean I’ll be great at a science pop quiz. It means I don’t stop asking ‘why?’.

With that nagging habit, the only thing I thought I could do was to pursue research and fulfill my romantic dream of being a scientist. And I did. However, as I delved deeper into academic research, my domain for questioning became more specialized (i.e. smaller). I had to often keep my curiosity on a leash, within the boundaries of my domain.

Don’t get me wrong, life in research was good. There were many unanswered questions and opportunities to dig for answers. But it just wasn’t enough.. I wanted to let go of that leash. I wanted learn more about the world around me, sans boundaries.

With this blog, I am free to do what I love – to investigate the science in our everyday lives and make it more accessible. I’d like to continue learning and sharing my lessons. Always.

What is Serving Science?

Serving Science is an attempt to serve you different aspects of science:

  • News: Articles/press releases that explain latest scientific findings from a variety of fields. To give a glimpse of where science is taking us.
  • Connections: Articles that seek to bring out the science in our everyday lives. To de-mystify the world around us through science.
  • Musings: Personal stories on scientific research, education and communication. To engage with folks who do science everyday – grad students, scientists and teachers.


The golden hue of a glass of Chardonnay can often match a glorious sunset. In both cases, we perceive the colour due to reflection of particular wavelengths of light. Whether you are a wine enthusiast (no judgement) or a painter, you can unlock the mystery behind that beautiful colour if you are willing to delve deeper into the underlying possibilities. That itself may inspire a creation, even nurture a deeper appreciation. It all begins by questioning the world around you; by asking the question ‘why?’.

At its core, science is a way of engaging with the world around us. Serving Science strives to be a window and a dedication to that way.