Through this series, I shall attempt to decipher the ideal learning paradigm. Many have attempted this before. There is a plethora of related information also available. But in a rapidly evolving canvas of human development, the challenges faced by every generation are different. Learning paradigms too need to evolve in tandem and issues like these are ever pertinent. Every path discovered in this exploration is invaluable because each comes from a personal space of life experiences. More the discoveries, more are the possible ways to embrace the unique wanderings of every child.

This  series is a result of my research and reflections. As it is with any contemplative exercise, inspirations and questions play peek-a-boo over time. Jotting them down over a series of images makes them more accessible to wonder and thought. Perhaps even begin conversations.


The ideal learning paradigm

Kicking off this series with its first image post above. It is not just a quote by one of the greatest physicists of all time, but also my anchor in this exploration. I chose this quote because I have experienced it first hand. All through school and college, I truly enjoyed the process of learning only when it was self-driven. But the most effective lessons dawned when I was aided by brilliant and compassionate teachers. At various cross roads, I was fortunate to receive their timely guidance.

I wonder – how do we enable this learning process for every child? Can we incorporate a process of self-driven thought and opportune guidance into our educational system?

What do you think?

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